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When a firm receives a price increase on their renewal or services each year, they may have questions on how the pricing was calculated or why the increase is higher than they expected. In many cases the increase is due to our standard 4-6% yearly increase or the firm added additional products or services throughout the prior year. Ensure you are checking order history for products and services being added when discussing a price increase. 

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If a firm is reviewing the increase of two multi-year contracts, explain that it is due to the increase year over year. Each year of the contract may be relatively low, but overall the contract might have a higher increase. Explain that if they instead sign a one year contract each year, the overall price they pay will be higher.

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Final Effort

If you've gone through the above positioning tips and the clients still declines to renew, use the FUD factor, also called Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt:

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