Internal: Procedures for Archiving a Firm Record

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When to archive a firm

Archiving requirements

Steps to archive a firm

  1. Click “Utilities” in EMS.
  2. Click “Perform Firm Archive” from the drop-down menu.
  3. Enter the Firm ID that you wish to archive – double check the accuracy of this information before clicking “OK.”
  4. Click “Yes” if you receive a message that the firm has current production products.
  5. Enter your initials or the person who requested the archive into the field for “Who requested the Archive?”
  6. Enter the details of the Archive in the field for “Reason for Archive.”
  7. Click “OK” to complete the action.

Things you may need to do before archiving a firm


A firm may also be un-archived if necessary by going to the Utilities menu in EMS and Performing a Firm Un-Archive.