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There are several situations in which a new firm will need to purchase the software new and cannot renew. The following situations will most commonly cause a firm a new to repurchase software.

In all situations we need to ensure all options are exhausted and we have attempted to maintain renewal revenue if possible.

Four or more years have passed since expiration

If it has been four (4) or more years since the product license has expired (and the firm was not on Software as a Service), they are no longer eligible for renewal pricing. The firm has no other option but to purchase the software new. There are no exceptions to this rule, and all new purchases must go through sales.

If one tax season of UltraTax CS/GoSystem RS has passed without a renewal, or it's been two years since Accounting CS/Accounting CS Payroll have expired, a firm that wishes to have access again will need to repurchase the software from their Sales Representative. This does not impact any other Accounting CS products.

Multiple partners involved

If there are multiple partners at a firm and one chooses to leave to start a new firm, the current licensee is entitled to the software. This means that any individual leaving the firm (other than the current licensee) to start another would have to purchase the software new. The existing licensee and current products should not leave the firm if possible.

Unable to complete a license transfer

If a firm is requesting to transfer a current license into the firm's name, or another individual's name but cannot obtain a signature, see the Process for completing a license transfer for more information.

Multiple firms involved

If a firm is involved in a multi-office record (MOR) and using a terminal server licensed to the primary firm, the firm leaving the MOR needs to purchase the software new if the primary firm ever dissolved. If there is an option to transfer the license to the secondary firm, it is possible, but should be rare. 

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