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When a product License is allowed to lapse the software can be renewed, reinstated, or repurchased based on the length of time the software has been expired. Review the product's expiration date within the Enterprise Management System (EMS) and follow the guidelines below.

Less than 90 days: Renewal

Licenses which have been expired for less than 90 days are simply renewed and advanced according to the original renewal invoice, typically a year.

Greater than 90 days: Reinstatement

When a license has been expired for over 90 days, but less than four (4) years, a reinstatement of the product will be required. It's typically in the external user's best interest to pay a reinstatement fee to advance the expiration date. However, there are two possible options for handling a product reinstatement:

If the license for Accounting CS or Accounting CS Payroll has been expired for two years, or if UltraTax CS has been expired for one year, it will be a new sale if the firm wants to update the license. Advise the sales representative that the client would like to begin using the product again, and sales will work with the firm to ensure they are properly licensed.

Greater than 4 years: Repurchase

Licenses expired for more than four years must be repurchased. Determine which products are of interest and contact the sales team via email to Sales Reception. Request the Sales Admin team assign a Sales Representative to the account, and which products need to be repurchased. See the Repurchase software article for more detail.

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