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The process for a refund or credit of fees paid for the new purchase or renewal of CS Professional Suite applications will vary by product and amount for the refund. Use the guidelines below to handle the customer's request for a refund.

First, listen to the request

What is driving the refund request? Is it a change in their business, a misunderstanding in expectations, or did a service not get disabled correctly? We want to use the refund as the final result of the interaction and be sure any issues are resolved, so that further refunds don't need to be requested. Listen with empathy and for understanding.

The following are product specific talking points for various products and services. Return to this article once a refund needs to be submitted.

Second, review the type of refund you need to submit

Refunds for invoices are submitted various ways, depending on the type of invoice, amount, and who gave approval for the refund. The following refund guidelines detail the type of refund for various types of products and services.

Technical support, PRPs, Renewal funds

Web services

GoSystem RS

There is no refund on additional locators, users, or modules purchased. If an enterprise firm requests a refund, send the request to the Client Services Manager for them to review and handle.

To submit a refund for a core account, see GoSystem RS credit and lapse submission. This process should only be done by a CS Senior or above, but you will need to provide the invoice number, amount of the refund, and a description of the refund to the refund processor. Send the detail to the CS TRTA email group.

Prepaid balances

Third, what are your approval limits?

Credit limits are granted per Customer Service level, and are listed as follows:

Level PRP Support Dispute Web Services GoSystem RS
1 and 2 $300 $300 $100 5 locators, 1 user, or $150 in PYA fees
Senior $300 $605 $605 $605
Specialist $300 $605 $605 $605
Team Lead $5,000 $5,000 $5,000 $5,000
Manager $10,000 $10,000 $10,000 $10,000
Director Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

Fourth, submit the refund request

The following steps will outline how the request is submitted after using the above guidelines. All refund requests must include the order number, order date, refund amount with sales tax, the exact method of refund, specifics of what is being refunded, and if it is a goodwill (CRG) or legitimate (CRL) credit.

A refund to a credit card will take 3-5 business days to show on the customer's credit card. A refund to a direct debit account will take 7-10 days to show on the customer's bank account. A refund sent via check will take up to six weeks to arrive.

If you have a same-day request to refund an order that was processed in error, contact the Order Facilitator before 4 pm EST and request a MOP reversal and give direction. Follow up the request with an email to Order Team to have a written record of the request. If a customer requests a same day adjustment after 4 pm EST, there is no guarantee it can be accommodated, and a refund request may need to be placed the next business day.

To submit an EOR, use the following steps.

  1. Open the firm ID in Flash.
  2. Click Alt + F2 to open an EOR request and click New.
  3. In the Reason for Request field, enter the invoice number, item description, amount to refund, and if the credit is a goodwill (CRG) or a Legitimate (CRL) credit.
  4. In the Billing Instructions field, click the button for the refund method and confirm the last four digits of the method of payment.
    • If the EOR needs to be marked as a high priority, click the Priority order check box. Priority orders are reserved for orders that need to be processed in the next hour because the firm is unable to work and this will resolve the issue, or if it's for an amount above your approval limit.
  5. Click Post edit to save the EOR.
    • Notify the person approving the EOR that it is available for review when done.

To submit a refund request form, use the following steps.

  1. Open the Refund Request form, found in the  Forms section of the Internal Tools page.
  2. Complete the Rep Initials, Firm ID, Firm Name and software return fields.
  3. In the Refund Information field, select the original payment type, the Refund method and the card type.
    • If the original method of payment was compromised, click the Apply as an overpayment button and explain in the notes that the customer needs a check to be issued for the refund.
  4. The Refund Amount section will need to have all relevant fields indicated. Sales tax will always need to be listed separately.
  5. Complete any relevant fields in the Customer Service and Reason(s) for the Return sections.
  6. In the Explanation field, enter any additional details, including the refund type, and if someone approved it.
  7. Click  Print for approval to send the document to GoFileRoom, and see Printing to GoFileRoom for Customer Service.