Internal: Support Contracts for Firms owning both ACS and CSA

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Licenses for Creative Solutions Accounting permanently expired March 1, 2017. Technical support for Creative Solutions Accounting products ended on June 1, 2017. Any existing support contracts for Creative Solutions Accounting were end automatically end-dated on May 31, 2017.

Firms that also own Accounting CS (ACS) that was covered under an existing Creative Solutions Accounting with a support contract do not need to take any action. Their existing Creative Solutions Accounting Support contracts are automatically updated to Accounting CS support effective June 1, 2017.

Support Contract Campaign

Starting in August 2017 Customer Service began a campaign to contact approximately 100 firms that had the ACS support contract active, but not an active ACS license. In an effort to win their business we are offering to apply the support contract fees paid on a CSA contract from June - August to their ACS renewal.  


  • Understand their ACS renewal plans. Ideally we win back their ACS business and can apply their Support Contract (June – August) towards this renewal, but if they are not interested in this we can update renewal plans as appropriate and then check for any other renewals the firm may have (UT, Practice, etc) to apply these funds to.
  • Support contract fees charged for June 2017 through August 2017 Support contract can be refunded and applied towards the following:
    •  ACS Renewal or other product renewal
    • If no renewal is available to apply the funds towards then can apply the refund to the PRP bank (if they own UltraTax CS), or the funds can be refunded.
    • Update two columns in the spreadsheet found on the I: drive under Accounting Renewals > 2017 > Audit crosstab ACS ACSPAY Sup Contracts:
      • Phone or E-mail based on what method we got a hold of the client
      • Action to be taken for the firm. i.e. processing the renewal (do via EOR with products listed to renew and to apply the support contract funds against), PRP bank or refund just list on the spreadsheet and Order Team will process as appropriate.