Internal: Resetting master passwords for CS Professional Suite applications

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A master password is used to restrict access to security options and other configuration setting in UltraTax CS. The Master Password can also be used to override any password protected client should the client's password be forgotten. This will apply to any year in UltraTax CS that has a license in EMS (only the most recent 10 years), and any other CS Professional Suite product. For details about entering and modifying a master password, direct external users to Entering and modifying a master password.

If the master password has been forgotten for any CS Profession Suite application, you can provide a temporary master password to the Licensee or Firm Delegate only.

Authorized persons

EMS will display the letter

Over the phone

When you're working with someone over the phone, first verify that you're speaking to the licensee or firm delegate. Then, follow the steps below to generate the temporary master password. For security reasons, the temporary master password should only be communicated via email, to the Licensee email on file.

In chat

When you're working with someone in chat, follow these steps. 

  1. The licensee or delegate needs to send an email from the email address on file in Flash to your address.
  2. Generate the temporary password using the instructions below.
  3. Reply to the email (again, this should be the licensee or delegate's email on file in Flash) with the temporary password. Do not give the password in the chat itself.

Retrieving temporary master password from EMS

Use the following the steps to generate a temporary master password.

  1. Open the firm in EMS.
  2. Click Applications, then click Licenses, then click Temporary Master Password.
  3. The Temporary Master Password will appear. Have the user enter this into the application, it will prompt them to update their master password afterwards.