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List of Required Virtual Office CS Licenses by Product Family

Current Terminal Server and VO Setup licenses are required for all products. Product specific licenses/line items are listed below.

  • UltraTax CS: Current UT products, VOUTAX
  • Planner: Current Planner CS license, VOUTAX.
    • Also requires a current UltraTax CS Terminal Server license
    • Note that Planner CS needs to be reloaded by CPT if the product is not available after permissions have been assigned for the user. See this article for more information. 
  • FileCabinet CS: Current FCS products, VOFCAB
  • ToolBox: Current ToolBox product, VOTBOX
    • Also requires a current FileCabinet CS Terminal Server license
  • Fixed Assets CS: Current FA products, VODEPR
  • Accounting CS: Current ACS products, VOACCS
  • Creative solutions Accounting: Current CSA products, VOACCT
  • Workpapers: Current Workpapers product, VOACCS
  • Client Bookkeeping Solution: Current CSA products needed for CBS (Write Up and Payroll Compliance), VO CSA, VOCBSW
  • Engagement CS: Current CSA products, VOACCT
  • Practice CS: Current Practice CS products, VOPRACCS
  • Microsoft products: VOMSOFC, VOMSEXC
  • GoFileRoom: VOGFR (further integration required per product)

If a firm needs to have one of the VO licenses added, a $0 EOR can be submitted by Sales or Customer Service. The product's Terminal Server license has to be current for the firm, and there must be NetFirm/VOSET licenses already present. If the NetFirm/VOSET license is not present, a Sales Representative will have to create a sales proposal for those products.

Additional Information

If a firm has NetFirm CS and is not using SaaS/Virtual Office CS, they are able to have a local license for other CS Professional Suite applications. See Network Licensing for more information.