Internal:UltraTax CS: Billing for Electronic Filing (ELF) an Amended or Superseding Returns

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Electronically filing amended or superseding returns will incur the applicable ELF fee based on entity type.  Current pricing infomration can be found on the CS professional Suite website, direct external users here.  A return can be amended as many times as needed, with a charge generated for each one that is electronically filed.  For a brief explanation of the differences between superseding and amended returns, see 1065-US ELF: Superseding returns versus amended returns

Prior to the 2015 filing season amended and superseding returns could be e-filed without incurring an additional fee beyond the initial e-file charge.  UltraTax CS 2014 and prior versions will continue to bill in their original fashion, meaning that there would not be a billing for amended or superseding returns.  For additional information about licensing options and ELF Fee assessment, see UltraTax CS: Electronic Filing (ELF) Overview.  

Note: 1040 returns cannot be amended electronically, see 1040-US: Form 1040X cannot be filed electronically for additional infomration.