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Qualified customers receive a ten percent discount on their renewal fees when they renew UltraTax CS before mid-June. All standard renewals qualify for the early renewal discount. Any new or additional products added to an existing renewal qualify to receive a twenty percent new product discount. For additional information, see Internal: UltraTax CS renewal overview.

Note: Due to special pricing, not all customers qualify for the early renewal discount. For details, see Internal: Guidelines for UltraTax CS renewals by audience.

Encourage customers unsure of renewal plans to renew now to receive their best possible price. The early renewal discount ends in mid-June, however a full product refund is available through early-November. This allows customers to lock-in their best price now and have the flexibility to make changes later. For refund request details, see Internal: UltraTax CS: Product maintenance refund.

Renewal fee payment options

To receive the full ten percent early renewal discount, renewal fees must be paid with a single payment. Multiple methods of payment can be used - such as splitting the cost between two different credit cards - if payments are processed on the same day. Renewals are available online, direct users to the Manage my products page of our website (login required).

Renewal fees may also be financed. For details see, Internal: Maintenance financing guidelines. Financing your UlraTax CS renewal reduces the early renewal discount to five percent, and a financing fee will apply. The final payment for a financed renewal is due on November first. New or additional products on financed renewals qualify for the full twenty percent new product discount. Customers can setup financing terms during the online renewal process. To do so, complete the following steps:

Note: Internal representatives cannot complete these steps on behalf of the customer via MKT, the customer must sign the finance terms. If the user cannot complete the renewal online, financing terms will need to be created manually. Complete the Finance form and send it to the customer to setup financing for their renewal.

  1. Visit the Manage my products page on our website and log in to your CS Web account.
  2. On the Review Order page mark the Check here to finance your renewal payment checkbox in the Financing section. The early renewal discount will automatically adjust to five percent after marking the checkbox.
  3. Select your preferred number of payment and desired initial payment. By default payments are made in equal amounts based on the number of payments selected.
  4. Enter your desired method of payment in the Payment Information section. Click the Process Renewal button to complete your renewal. The initial payment is charged to your account now. The remaining payments are charged to your account on the dates shown in the Payment Schedule section.

Additional early renewal details

Early Renewal Timeline