Internal: UltraTax CS: Electronic Filing (ELF) Overview

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UltraTax CS supports all electronic filing (ELF) for 1040 and Business returns that US and state governments accept. Before a firm can electronically file returns they must be a registered IRS e-file provider. A current copy of the EFIN application summary must be on file with Thomson Reuters before the firm can electronically file any returns. See E-file application summary and EFIN requirement overview.

Licensing options

A firm can pay per transmission (similar to paying for PRP codes) or purchase an Unlimited Electronic Filing License. The benefit of an Unlimited Electronic Filing license is the user isn’t billed for each individual e-filing transmission. Thomson Reuters will only charge for the transmission of a federal return; there is no charge to electronically file a state return.

Electronic filing fee assessment

A fee is assessed for each electronic transmission on any federal business or personal return. Before a return has been submitted for electronic filing, UltraTax CS allows a user to check the return before submitting to the IRS. See Checking for errors in the electronic file before transmission. If a firm owns an Unlimited Electronic Filing license, they will not pay the transmission fees as they are generated. See the CS Professional Suite price list for pricing information.