Internal: Pre-paying UltraTax CS renewal fees

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Upon request, customers may prepay their UltraTax CS application renewal fees prior to that year's renewal being available. When pre-paying renewal fees, you pay the current year's price for UltraTax CS. For example, if you renew 2017 UltraTax CS in January of 2017, you would pay the 2016 price. If owned, renewals for Fixed Assets and FileCabinet CS may also be prepaid. For additional information, see Internal: UltraTax CS renewal overview.

To qualify for prepayment all renewal fees must be paid in full; prepaid renewals cannot be financed. Prepaid renewals qualify to receive the early renewal discount. For details, see Internal: UltraTax CS early renewal discount.

To process a pre-paid renewal complete the following steps:  

  1.  Create a custom renewal in EMS for all applications being renewed and save a PDF copy to your workstation.
  2. Adjust the invoice pricing by hand to reflect a ten percent early renewal discount.
  3. Work with the UltraTax CS Customer Service team lead to document early renewal approval.
  4. Submit an EOR in Flash with the temporary order number to submit the renewal for processing.

    Note: On the processed renewal invoice, the "Prepaid UT Renewal Fee" line item equals the total cost of renewed UltraTax CS licenses. Licenses are not itemized on the initial invoice, because at the time the order is processed that version year is not available for licenses. When the version year is available, an update is made to the renewal invoice to reflect each individual UltraTax CS license renewed.