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The UltraTax CS program is created for specific tax years. Each year that is created holds forms for that year only. As such the licensing model requires that users re-purchase the program each year. The price offered to returning users is typically lower than the full retail new purchase price.


Firms using UltraTax CS through Software as a Service (SaaS) will automatically have the new tax year loaded. Firms using UltraTax CS through Virtual Office must renew before the new tax year will be added. For either, there is no need for any products downloads to be completed.


Planner CS specifics

Preparer Blocks

There are five ways a preparer block can be setup. See the descriptions below for more information on each type.

Operations Notes

Note: When a telephone number is updated the new number does not carry over to returns. To update this within UltraTax CS direct the user to navigate to Setup/System Configuration/Firm Tab, update the phone number, and then press ok.