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Prior to retrieving any PRP codes through CS Connect, establish a method of payment on the My Account page of our website. For details, see UltraTax CS: Updating credit card information. For information about fees for the current year, see UltraTax CS Federal, State, and Local products.

Note: This pricing reflects applies to current year of UltraTax CS that is available for use. During the renewal period (late April - mid-November) refer to the upcoming year's UltraTax CS price list.

Method of payment options

Credit card or direct debit information on file

Add or update your payment information for PRP transactions on the My Account page of our website. For details, see UltraTax CS: Updating credit card information. To add payment information to an account in EMS, complete the following steps:

  1. Open EMS and enter the firm ID in the search field to open the firm information screen.
  2. Click Credit Card Exp or press ctrl + F2 and right click anywhere on the credit card field.
  3. Choose Add to enter in the new credit card information and be sure to add PRP/ELF/Web Org services.
  4. Choose Edit to update an already existing credit card on file for these services.

Pre-paid account balances

If a users does not wish to keep a method of payment on file, a pre-paid account balance is required. Pre-paid funds cannot be added outside of normal business hours. To avoid any potential service disruptions, we strongly recommends keeping valid payment information on file.

A deposit can be provided by either mailing a check, charging a credit card for stated amount, or completing a one time Direct Debit for stated amount. When mailing a check, note the following:

When charging a credit card or completing a one time direct debit funds are processed electronically and deposits are generally available within one business day. To completed the order, enter an Electronic Order Request (EOR) in Flash and indicate the product as TIN Prepayment/Deposit. If requested, funds can be made available for immediate use. For details, see Internal: Temporary TIN/PRP Account Deposits.

Billing Period

PRP/ELF Manual Processing Fee

Suspended Credit Cards