Internal: UltraTax CS: Per Return Pricing (PRP) Overview

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PRP is an acronym for Per Return Pricing and it is available to offer firms an affordable method of doing returns on an as-needed basis.

PRP Code Retrieval

PRP vs. Unlimited


  • A firm in Ohio is licensed for unlimited 1040 federal returns only. They have a client that moved from Michigan to Ohio midyear, and the firm can complete the Michigan return on a PRP basis. They are not required to purchase the PRP license to do the Michigan return since the 1040 Federal license allows them to do any 1040 state return. The only fee would be for the 1040 Michigan return.
  • Using the above example, this firm would need to have a Federal PRP license if that client also needed to file a Federal or state 1065.

PRP/ELF Reports

  • A firm's PRP or ELF fees can be viewed in EMS in the PRP/ELF/WebOrg Administration screen.
  • Firms also have access to a detailed report of their PRP, ELF, and Web Organizer activity, see UltraTax CS: Obtaining ELF/PRP reports using the CS Professional Suite website.
  • This reporting also has a breakeven report that helps the firm (and Customer Service) determine if an unlimited license is needed for any of the returns they process.
  • An internal breakeven analysis for the current tax year is also available, see Breakeven Tables.

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