Internal: UltraTax CS: Per Return Pricing (PRP) Overview

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PRP is an acronym for Per Return Pricing and it was first offered in 1998. It is designed to offer firms an affordable method of doing returns in which they don't have the volume to justify an unlimited license.  This creates a way for users to pay for returns they produce on an as-needed basis, hence the name Per-Return-Pricing (PRP).

PRP Code Retrieval

PRP vs. Unlimited

PRP/ELF Reports

  • A firm's PRP or ELF fees can be viewed in EMS in the PRP/ELF/WebOrg Administration screen (Ctrl F2)
  • The CS Professional Suite website also provides external UltraTax CS users with a detailed report of their PRP, ELF, and Web Organizer activity, direct external users here.
  • From here a firm is also able to view their breakeven report.  This report will help a firm (and Customer Service) determine if a firm that has been PRP for an entity should switch to unlimited for an item.
  • A detailed internal breakeven analysis for the current tax year is also available, see Breakeven Tables.