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UltraTax CS renewals are available mid-April each year, just after the close of the current tax season. Renewal information is delivered to the UltraTax CS licensee via email with a reminder postcard delivered one week prior. Most renewals can be completed on our website via the Manage my products page (login required). For special renewal audiences, see Internal: Guidelines for UltraTax CS renewals by audience to check online renewal availability.

All firms are required to have a verified Electronic Filing Identification Number (EFIN) to electronically file returns. For details, see EFIN verification for electronic filing through CS Connect.

Renewal processing and payment options

Special pricing and offers

Renewal plans and refunds

Break even analysis

To assess which unlimited modules a user should renew, Breakeven tables are available online on the renewal pages. Before reviewing breakevens the customer should pull the current Client totals report from UltraTax CS, see Client Listing Reports dialog. Breakeven calculations will vary by product and unlimited pricing, see Internal: UltraTax CS Breakeven tables.

The Breakeven totals and recommended new products will be listed on the left side of the Recommended New Additional Products page of the renewal. Show me.


Upsell opportunity

If a firm does not currently own other CS Professional Suite applications, there will be an option to learn more about those products on their renewal confirmation page. By clicking the I want to learn more! link, they will generate a call-back request from a sales representative to have further conversation. Show me.


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