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Use the following criteria when determining if it is appropriate to issue a refund for a full or partial software return. For detail on how to submit a refund, see the Refund/Return Information article.

Is today's date prior to 11/1/XX?

A firm requesting a refund prior to 11/1/XX does not require any approvals. Submit a Refund Request Form to Order Team. It is your responsibility to be sure that UltraTax CS renewal plans are updated appropriately within EMS.

After 11/1/XX depending on the circumstances approval may or may not be required.

Has it been more than 30 days since the initial release of the Federal program?

The date and the products that are being returned will determine if approval is required. Any products can be refunded prior to the initial release (11/1/XX) without approval. After this date the need to get approval will depend on how long it has been since the initial release of the Federal Program, typically the cut off would be 12/31/XX. Requests for refunds beyond 30 days after the initial release of the Federal product should be discussed with a Customer Service Team Leader before proceeding.

Note: Once the refund has been processed ensure that firm has downloaded a new license.

UltraTax CS renewals can be refunded without approval up to 30 days past the first UltraTax release date, typically in November. Submit a Refund Request Form to Order Team.

Note: Depending on the circumstances surrounding the return the firm may be subject to a 5% charge back fee (if their method of payment was a credit card) OR a $300 administrative fee per the License Agreement. Check with the Customer Service Call Facilitator to determine if either are applicable. It is also possible to keep the Federal PRP license to avoid any return fees.

Refund Limits (30 days beyond initial release)