Internal: UltraTax CS to GoSystem RS Tax Transition

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The UltraTax CS to GoSystem RS Tax Transition Process is done yearly from April through September to ensure the firm has enough time to properly train on and learn the product. It is not advised to transition between October through April for the aforementioned reason. However, we will still allow the client to transition in an effort to retain the business if they make a compelling case for switching during tax season.

Review the following chart to note who handles each part of the transition:

What? Who?
Pre-qualification CS Rep on initial call
Pull GST Usage Tax Transition Rep
Obtain client availability for Demo Tax Transition Rep
Qualification Tax Transition Rep (CS)
Training Sale Sales
Account Creation GST Specialist (CS)
Creating the Quote Tax Transition Team (CS)
Follow up with the Client Tax Transition Team (CS)


  1. Find out why the firm is interested in moving to GoSystem RS.
    • Is it pricing? Functionality? Etc.
    • If it is a product reason, ensure support has been fully engaged in resolving issues.
  2. What is the firm looking to accomplish?
  3. Make sure the proper firm contact is engaged. This must be a manager, owner, partner, etc. 
  4. Has a change occurred to instigate this change?
  5. Make it clear early on that the transition process will be a team effort between both Sales and a Customer Service Transition Specialist. Sales will further discuss opportunities for training and other products. Set expectations that someone will follow up within 48 hours.
  6. Review the Pre-Qualifying GoSystem Tax RS to UltraTax CS transitions article for questions to ask the firm when they are considering a switch is software providers.
  7. Also include the cost of PRP fees and number of PRPs the firm paid for. This can be pulled by generating the PRP report from MKT. Email your findings to the Tax Transition Team along with the firm's interest of moving forward through the process.

Review the following with the firm to fully qualify before transition:

Differences between UltraTax CS and GoSystem RS

Most differences are documented in the Difference between GoSystem Tax and UltraTax CS article.

Steps for the Transition Representatives

Determine license needs

  1. Understand why the client is considering the transition
  2. If high-level pricing has been shared with the firm, and they want to move forward, find out if the client would like to demo the product.
    • If so, complete the demo request below, be sure to cc your TL and answer ALL questions listed
    • Send a completed demo request form to User Services Operations.
    • While the client goes through a Demo, pricing can be prepared; gather necessary information.
  3. Obtain a copy of the firm's client totals report to find out how many Federal Returns the client processes. If this is not an available option, have the client tell you the number of Federal Returns.
  4. Determine how many users are needed.
  5. Review the list of add-on modules with the client, go through the description and ask the client if they will need any of the add-on modules.
    • Note that it will be important to ask the client if they plan to print organizers in-office. There is a module that will specifically allow organizer print in office. Keep in mind, In-Office print is free with UltraTax CS but is a billable module with GoSystem RS.
  6. Determine if the client will need the unlimited electronic filling module. The cost will vary depending on the firm's total contract.
    • A good indicator that the firm will need the unlimited e-file license is if the firm already owns unlimited e-file for both 1040 and business returns on UltraTax CS.
      • To verify, pull the firm's current year PRP report and include $0 transactions, sort by product, and then tally e-file transactions for each category: Federal returns, Federal extension, F-Bar, etc. You will need to jot down the totals, then compare it against GST transactional fees.
    • Another option is to build the full quote and determine the price, and then ask the client if they'd like to add unlimited e-filing to the contact based on the fee.
  7. Use the quick quote calculator to determine price of the contract. Advise the client that this fee does not include the cost of training/implementation and that your colleague in sales will contact them with further details.
  8. Advise the client of the price. Since GoSystem is a premium product it is more efficient to give the client the pricing over the phone, or through email in an informal way instead of creating the account in SFDC. Historically we have found that clients do not move forward after qualifying them and going over pricing. If the client wants to move forward, then we can create the contract which will take 24-48 hours.
  9. Discuss conversion cost and find out the number that will be converted. It is $35 per return, and the fee will be waived due to transition. A separate, non-renewable order will need to be created for this order.
    • More information on conversions can be found in the GST Customer Center by using the search terms Converting to GoSystem Tax from a Competitor, case number 000018048.
  10. If client moves forward, Email the Customer Service GST Specialist the following. The GST Specialist will use the information provided to create the account in
    • The firm ID
    • Name of the firm and address if different in Flash
    • Main contact to be listed as the RS Administrator
  11. Email/call the sales representative assigned to the firm to let them know about the transition and that you will be working closely with them. Let them know what the firm would have paid on UT vs proposed GoSystem Tax.
  12. After the GST Specialist creates the account in SFDC, you can build the quote for the client.
  13. Create a new quote to include all needed materials.
  14. Send order forms to the client. The client must sign both orders including the Transactional pricing addendums.
  15. After order has been created and processed, email the GST Specialist the new account number, create non-renewable "Conversion" Quote.
    • A conversion order is simply an order for the number of returns to be converted, *along with the prior year tax materials. For example, if a client is converting to GST for TY 2017, the order should be for TY 2016.
    • Add a note in the Customer comment section, "This order is intended for conversion purposes only. All tax returns should be converted during the year of transition."
    • If the firm is converting between October 25-April 1, use current tax year materials only.
  16. Once the client receives their Order Confirmation and Welcome to GST email, they are able to get started. Instructions for getting started can be found in the Customer Center by searching for the Quick Start Guide.
  17. If the firm is using Fixed Assets CS, FileCabinet CS, or Planner CS, they are able to continue using them with GoSystem RS. Refer to the following articles for information on integrating the products:

Transition steps for the CS GST Specialist

  1. After the Transition Rep confirms the firm is moving forward, create a new account in SFDC.
  2. Once record is created, have the transition rep search the firm name in SalesForce to find the record and build the new quote.
  3. After the signed contract is received, email the following to ISopsComAdj, GST Team Leader, and GST Sales Specialist:
    • Value of UT renewal (Tax licenses only)
    • GST contract value
    • Up-sell (Difference between the GST contract value and UT renewal (less FileCabinet, Fixed Assets, and Planner CS).
  4. Once order has been processed, get account SAP number and PAN ID from Transition rep, then map the account in EMS.

Conversion guidance

See the Locator Transfer article for details on the Locator Transfer process. When moving from UltraTax CS to GoSystem RS, the GoSystem RS support team will assist with the data conversion. Search either the GoSystem Customer Center or the GTAX Public Knowledge Cases for Internal: Converting to GoSystem Tax from a Competitor, case number 000018048.