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The following table provides a list of NetClient CS modules, their EMS code when applicable, and a short description of the function. See here for the NetClient CS external pricing list. See here for the external list of NetStaff CS modules.

Note: If a firm exceeds 1,010 NetClient CS portals, they will be charged another monthly NetClient fee for 1,000 portals.

Module EMS Code Description
Account Aggregation Acct Aggr. Enables users to view personal finance information through their portals.
Accounting CS Remote Payroll Services ACS RPS Let's the user's client enter employee hours/rates, add and maintain employee records, print vendor and payroll checks on site, view payroll reports. Combines the functionality of ACS Remote Check Printing and Remote Payroll Data Entry.
CBS ASP CVO CBS Legacy service: Enables access to the online (hosted) version of Client Bookkeeping Services. Sunset as of January 2018.
Client Access (ACS) CVO CA Enables access to Accounting CS functions for Check Writing, Payroll, Accounts Receivable, and Accounts Payable for the client to use. See Internal: Accounting CS Client Access for more information on specific licensing and functionality.
Document Presentation n/a Houses static PDF documents.
Employee Self Service (ACS) (same) Enables the firms' clients’ employees to view their check stubs, W-2s, W-4 information, and enter their own time. Note that the detail on the clients using the service is in the upper half of the Web Clients Screen in EMS.
File Exchange n/a Allows user to exchange files in a secure environment.
Legal & Business forms (same) Enables user to have access to basic legal and business forms provided by Legal Street.
Links n/a Enables firm to provide links to other websites. i.e. Firm website or industry resources.
News n/a Enables firm to communicate relevant news. i.e. Special hours or location change.
Remote Authorization CSA Rem Pay Legacy service: Enables firm to enter payables for the NetClient CS user. User reviews and authorizes payables, and NetStaff CS user can then import and merge with his selections. Billed as CSA Remote Payroll Services (CSA RPS). Sunset as of January 2018.
Remote Check Printing ACS Rem Chk Enables firm to prepare payroll and vendor checks and transmit a PDF file of check images for the NetClient CS user to print. Billed as part of ACS Remote Payroll Services (ACS RPS).
Remote Payroll Data Entry NETRPA Accounting CS service that allows a NetStaff CS user to export a payroll worksheet from Payroll to NetClient CS user, then NetClient CS user enters time for employees. Billed as ACS Remote Payroll Services (ACS RPS).
Smart Vault CVO SV Legacy service: document storage provided by Right Networks.
Stock Quotes n/a Provides access to stock market indexes or individual stocks of their choosing.
Virtual Client Office FileCabinet CS CVS CFS Provides firm's client with access to a client version of FileCabinet CS.
Virtual Client Office Microsoft CVO MS Provides firm's client with access to Microsoft Office applications.
Virtual Client Office (RN) CVO QB Provides firm's client with access to QuickBooks. A QuickBooks license is required for the service, and can be purchased when the client has this service enabled.
Web Employee (CSA) (same) Legacy service: Enables the firms' client's employees to view their check stubs, W-2s, and W-4 information. Note that the detail on the clients using the service is in the upper half of the Web Clients Screen in EMS. Sunset as of January 2018.

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