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The following table provides a list of NetStaff CS modules, their EMS code when applicable, and a short description of the function. For pricing information, see the CS Professional Suite Price list. For additional details about each module, see NetStaff CS modules.

Module EMS Code Description
Account Aggregation Acct Aggr. Enables NetClient and NetStaff users to view personal finance info through their portals.
Active Sync/Blackberry Sync VO AS/VO BLBRY Allows users to access Exchange on mobile device. Blackberry is not available after August 2014.
Administration n/a Allows users to perform administrative tasks for NetClient CS, NetStaff CS, Utilities, and ESS/WE.
Archive Storage NetFirm Archive Storage Fee Allows users to store documents on W:/ or Y:/ drive.
CBS (hosted) n/a Allows NetStaff CS users access to CBS client company data. Sunset as of January 2018.
Client Exclusions n/a Hides clients from NetStaff CS users.
Document Presentation n/a Houses static PDF documents, such as tax returns, financial statements and payroll reports.
Employee Self Service (ACS) (same) Enables clients' employee to view check stubs, W2s, W4s, and enter time. Note that the detail on the clients using the service is in the upper half of the Web Clients Screen in EMS.
File Exchange n/a Allows NetStaff CS user to exchange documents with NetClient CS user in a secure environment.
Links n/a Enables firm to provide links to useful websites. i.e. Firm website or industry resources.
Mobile CS Mobile Smart phone application for Practice CS. (Note: Mobile CS Promo Code discount can be entered by OT to waive the NetClient CS billing which will otherwise occur automatically.) Enabled/disabled in Practice CS.
News n/a Enables firm to communicate relevant news. i.e. Special hours or location change.
Shifts n/a Controls the days and times during which user can access portal.
Staff Availability n/a enables the ability to track the availability of NetStaff CS users.
Stock Quotes n/a Provides information on stock market indexes or individual stocks.
Virtual Office (RN) (i.e. QuickBooks) QB Provides access to QuickBooks, Smart Vault, and Microsoft Office applications.
Web Employee (CSA) (same) Enables client's employee to view check stubs, W2s, W4s, and enter time. Note that the detail on the clients using the service is in the upper half of the Web Clients Screen in EMS. Sunset as of January 2018.

See below for a list of the Virtual Office CS and Software as a Service specific profiles and codes.

Profile Description
Software as a Service Application for NetStaff CS user.
Current Profile Current SaaS Profile enabled.
Billing Profile Billable SaaS profile for the selected month.
Virtual Office CS VO applications for NetStaff CS users.
VO CS Creative Solutions applications only.
VO MS Microsoft Office applications only.
CS MS Creative Solutions and Microsoft Office applications only.
VO EXCH Microsoft Exchange (allows firm to share calendars and contacts).