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Web text: Web Cancellation Received Thank you: WCTY; Web Builder Cancellation Received Thank You: WBTY

Cancellation requests must be submitted to Thomson Reuters via the online Services Cancellation Request Form. The Customer Service Department is responsible for processing all Web Services cancellations. For external details about the cancellation process, see Cancelling your recurring CS Professional Suite Services. A link and explanation of the cancellation is also available in the Marketing Email Library (MEL).

For handling guidelines - including routing or processing details - see the appropriate section below.

Prior to submitting the Services Cancellation Request form

The Customer Service Representative is responsible for attempting to save the cancellation. For additional information, use the following tips for saving the cancellation.


  • Anytime, anywhere access to client information
  • Full integration with UltraTax CS, Practice CS, FileCabinet CS, and Accounting CS
  • Remote access to QuickBooks for both staff and clients
  • Firm will need to create logins to CSWeb to give staff access to the software if removing this license

Virtual Office

  • Staff can access programs at any time without needing a local installation
  • Thomson Reuters loads all software updates and licenses, and data is hosted on secured servers
  • Option to house programs locally or access remotely


  • Access to full CS Professional Suite of programs for a monthly fee
  • No PRP, ELF, or support fees, and no annual renewals
  • Easier to budget costs
  • No need for additional IT support or infrastructure within the firm
  • If the firm has too many users for SaaS to be cost-effective, suggest switching to Virtual Office CS or a local installation

Questions to ask a firm wanting to cancel a service

  • What products are being canceled? (NetFirm, Virtual Office (VO), Software as a Service (SaaS) and/or WebBuilder.)
  • Why they want to cancel and what competitor are they going to? Be sure to offer a complimentarily call to support call if there are any unresolved technical issues.
  • If canceling VO or SaaS review the following:
    • NetFirm can still be utilized for a monthly fee. Ask detailed questions of what exactly is desired to be canceled to be sure the correct service is canceled.
    • If canceling VO or SaaS, is there a need to continue using programs locally?
    • If canceling SaaS, have they met the minimum 12 month commitment? No other web services have a minimum time commitment, but review EMS if the sales rep still receives commission.
    • If they need a copy of their Accounting CS or Practice CS data, they must work with support to get a copy of their SQL database.
  • If canceling Web Builder CS, the firm is not required to mark that they have removed the data. The web page has proprietary Thomson Reuters intellectual property and cannot be taken by the firm.

Note: Check with the firm if they host their email through Web Builder CS and notify them they will immediately lose access if they cancel Web Builder CS.

Submitting the cancellation request for processing

Customer Service representatives are responsible for reviewing the request for completeness, following up with the user if additional information is required, and submitting the completed request for processing. The CS representative that receives the cancellation form is responsible for verifying the following and owning the customers cancellation process. Complete the following steps for submitting a cancellation request:

Note: If the requested cancellation date is a future date, CS TRTA will hold the cancellation request for processing until the date indicated on the form

  1. Review the submitted request for completion and correctness. All cancellation requests must include the following information and also be documented in Flash:
    • Firm ID
    • The products to be canceled
    • Confirmation that a data backup is complete - when required
    • Authorization from the licensee
    • Verify and note the requested cancellation date in the email text to the CS TRTA group
    • Signature block of the representative submitting cancellation for processing

    Note: Authorization from the licensee or firm delegate can be given by having the licensee submit the request form, or via email to Customer Service department. If the request did not come from the licensee the assigned Customer Service representative must email the licensee to request their authorization before submitting the cancellation for processing. A template for this message is available, use the KANA hotkey WCI.

  2. Verify that the monthly web services fees do not have any commissionable revenue tied to them. For details, see Internal: Guidelines for web services credits or refunds.
  3. Check for any pre-paid Web Service funds. If there is a balance, contact the licensee to find out how they would like this pre-paid balance to be used. For details, see Internal: Pre-paid web services balance.
  4. If the form is incomplete or additional follow-up is required, contact the customer to review the information that is needed in order to complete their cancellation request. If you are unable to reach the user, send a follow-up email using the Kana hotkey WCI. A verbal confirmation for data back-up completion can be accepted. Users will continue to be billed for these services until a complete form is received. As the assigned Customer Service representative, make the appropriate number of attempts to reach the customer. If no contact can be made, send a final message that service will continue to be billed until we receive a completed form. 
  5. When the cancellation form is complete and no further information is required, send a confirmation to the customer and forward the completed request from KANA to Customer Service - TRTA Professional with the firm ID in the subject line and the products to be canceled for processing. A template for the confirmation message to the customer is available using the KANA hotkey WCTY. Do not send the Eloqua-branded email to a customer.
  6. Forward Onvio cancellation requests to the Onvio Project Manager. If that person is unavailable, have the CS TRTA group approve it and forward to Order Team for holding until proper approval and processing can be done.

Note: When forwarding the completed request for processing include a note that you have reviewed the cancellation request and the firm ID. When the cancellation request form is an attachment, ensure it is included with the message that you send.

Data retention

If a cancellation was processed and the firm still needs their data, there is a short timeline for the data availability. See the Web Specialist or Team Lead for further questions on specific firms. If neither is available the Systems CF can also verify what data exists.