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All web services products are user managed and credit should only be given after thorough research and approval is gained. Below are some guidelines for researching a web credit request.

Listen and find out the situation

Support notes can also provide additional information on a technical or long-term issue, or if the firm has worked with us to resolve the issue.

Check for past credits

Check if they have had training

Check if the product is commissionable

To verify if it's commissionable, check the current Web Services invoice details in EMS. For each product that is not commissionable, there will be a "NonComm" line next to it. If there is no indication of "NonComm", then it is commissionable. Click show me to see what this looks like in the Product Name of the EMS order details.


See below for further detail of commission structure and timing.



Web credits will not be processed the last five business days of the month.

Credit Limits

  • CS Level 1 and 2: $0 - $100
  • CS Senior and Specialist: up to $605
  • Client Services Manager: up tp $1,000
  • CS Team Leader: up to $5,000
  • CS Manager up to $10,000
  • CS Director: $10, 001 and up (unlimited)
  • Note that suppressions and credits count for the month they are entered. For example, a CS Senior/Specialist can credit a NetClient portal fee of $200 and refund an additional month at $200 for a total of $400, making it within their total limit.

Credit Types

  • Goodwill: provided by CS and is typically given because the customer made a mistake in administering the account or wrong information was given.
  • Legitimate: discount given due to EMS issue or a finance-approved promotion.
  • Sales credit: promotion given by sales outside the standard promotions or a credit offered by sales. CS will process a refund on behalf of sales, and the sales manager will need to enter the suppression.

Commission Structure

The details of the web services commission structure are for customers who purchase after 1/1/12.
  • Web Builder CS: site is considered new if purchased within six (6) months. If a firm wants to cancel within 6 months we need to involve the Web Builder CS sales rep to allow them to save the site because they will be affected by the cancellation. Sales reps do not receive commission individually for Web Builder or add-ons, but they do maintain a team goal. 
  • Virtual Office: rep gets commission for VO and add-ons for 18 months from purchase date of oldest VO product (VO Accounting, VO UltraTax, etc). Firms that transition from SaaS to VO will receive no commission on VO.
  • NetClient CS: rep gets commission for NetClient and add-ons for 24 months from purchase date of NetClient CS. NetClient gets populated in EMS once the first NetClient portal is setup by the NetFirm Admin
  • Software as a Service: "new" users commissioned for 18 months from the purchase date of SaaS.
    • New is defined as a firm that does not own the current version of a federal unlimited UltraTax CS license nor the current tax year of GST.
    • Transition users get no commission; these will be handled by Customer Service.
    • Transition is defined as a firm that owns the current version of UltraTax CS and/or the current tax year of GST.