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Customer Service will handle sales proposals for current UltraTax CS customers that want to move to Software as a Service (SaaS). These proposals will be handled by a small group within Customer Service known as the UltraTax CS to SaaS Transition Team. While these representatives will be the main points of contact for firms purchasing SaaS, any Customer Service representative can pre-qualify the firm for SaaS. Transitions in CS are only open from late April to mid-June to coincide with the UltraTax CS early renewal discount period. If a firm has started the conversation with a transition specialist, then they will need to continue the conversation. If they are not available, contact the Web Services TL or Specialist.

Transition Firms are defined as firms that own current unlimited Federal UltraTax CS products, or have a current GoSystem RS contract and are interested in moving to SaaS. Firms that own a PRP license, or have unlimited state products and are interested in moving to SaaS will still be handled by sales. After pre-qualification, transfer these firms to their sales representative or to Sales Reception.


Review the following (whether a transition firm or not) before transferring:

Virtual Office vs. SaaS

After pre-qualification, a firm might decide that SaaS is not a good fit for them, but are interested in purchasing Virtual Office. While sales will handle all VO proposals, there are certain topics Customer Service can cover before transferring:

Similarities to SaaS

Differences from SaaS

Chart of Responsibilities for Transitions

The current licensing for the firm will determine which team is responsible for the transition:

Current License SaaS VO
UltraTax CS w/Federal Product CS Sales
PRP only or PRP w/State Sales Sales
No Product Sales Sales
SaaS N/A CS*

*SaaS to VO: CS will transition if the pre-SaaS products were within 4 years of expiration at the time the firm went to SaaS. If firm skipped a tax season and then wanted SaaS, it would then be a new sale.

**VO to SaaS: CS will assist if the firm had unlimited UltraTax CS federal products. If they have current Accounting, Practice, or other CS Professional Suite software, but skipped a tax season sales would still transition to SaaS since the only determining factor is the licensing of a current unlimited federal UT product(s).

Waitlisted Firms

Seats on SaaS will first be offered to firms that were waitlisted, meaning they were interested in SaaS in the previous year. These firms will have a spot reserved for them on SaaS until a time specified by the Transition Team each year. To see the current waitlist, please see the current list on the Transition SharePoint site. If you need to add a new user to the list, please email the Web Services team lead and specialist and they will be added to the list.

Transition Period

Firms that Customer Service work with to transition (currently licensed for an UltraTax CS Federal unlimited license) are only eligible to transition during the UltraTax CS early renewal period of early May - June 15 (or the agreed upon end date by the Web Services Team Lead or above). Firms that are not licensed for an UltraTax Federal unlimited license can transition at any time of year and will need to work with sales.


If a firm would like to do a trial of SaaS, the transition specialist can create a Virtual Office CS trial using MKT. To setup the trial, the representative will need to go to MKT and follow these steps:

  1. Click on Firm tab in MKT
  2. Click on Webinar, Demo & Trial Registration
    • Note that if you don't see the option you have to add the Rep View: Scheduled Web Demos & Trials portlet
  3. Find Virtual Office CS and click on Cloud-Based Trial Request
  4. Select the Contact, confirm the demographic information and click Activate
  5. The user and the representative will immediately receive sign in information for the trial

The trial will last five (5) calendar days and can only be extended once. The trial will not work if the firm is already licensed for Virtual Office CS. For more information on trials, please see this article.

Accounting Renewals

Since the transition is typically done starting in late April and ending June 15 (to coincide with the UltraTax CS early renewal season), there are firms that may have just renewed Accounting CS. These firms would be entitled to a full refund of all modules, except payroll compliance, if they transitioned before April 30. If they transition after April 30, they would be entitled to a partial refund of all modules except payroll compliance.


Firms can finance the setup fee out to 4 months.

Initial Billing

If a firm signs up for SaaS the 1st-15th of the month, they will be billed for that month. If they sign up the 16th-end of month, they will not be billed that first month and will see the first invoice the month after.

Proposal Creation

Proposal creator needs to select a licensee. User must initial page 1, bullet point 1, fill in NetFirm admin (if not selected), and provide payment information on page 4. Improperly filled out proposals will cause a delay in the processing of the order.

Process to Transition/Expected Timeline

  1. Discuss and prequalify for SaaS with the CS Transition team member.
    • Verify system requirements can be met
    • Request Virtual Office CS trial to make sure it is a good fit
  2. Review proposal, return for processing
  3. Order will be processed in 24-48 hours
    • If locally hosted, the firm will need to back up the data during this time
    • If locally hosted, firm will receive order confirmation, SaaS setup confirmation, and any necessary training confirmation email.
    • Once the SaaS setup email is received, the user may need to wait overnight to access the account
    • If firm is already on Virtual Office CS, the CS Transition rep will be responsible for notifying CPT that a VO-SaaS transition will be coming to them soon. CPT will be responsible for contacting the firm and scheduling a migration of data and a period of downtime for the transition.
  4. Firm will attend or review training offerings to understand how to setup SaaS. It's recommended that to start with SaaS they review Installation and setup guide for Virtual Office CS or SaaS. If they are using other software in the CS Professional Suite and need assistance in getting started, send them Getting started with your new CS Professional Suite application.
  5. Firm can create users, restore data, and then begin working in SaaS

Templates to use to set order processing expectations

Use the following text to send an email to a client to set the proper expectations during a SaaS transition.

Once we receive the signed proposal, it will take 24-48 business hours to process it and you will no longer have access to CS Connect. You will then receive the following emails:

  1. An order confirmation for SaaS.
  2. An order confirmation for the NetStaff CS On Demand Essentials course. We recommend watching this to see how to create users, and other aspects of managing your account. If you prefer to read about getting started, see Installation and setup guide for Virtual Office CS or SaaS.
  3. A separate email with the login credentials for your new account. Keep this email readily available so that you can log in once you get the fourth email. Note that the account may not be fully set up at this point.
  4. A "Welcome to SaaS" email will come the next day. This will confirm your account is created and you can login and get started.

For firms moving from Virtual Office CS to SaaS, the process is slightly different since Thomson Reuters will transition the Virtual Office CS data to your SaaS account. Once we receive the signed proposal, we will process it within 24-48 business hours, and you will then receive the following emails/contacts to fully transition to SaaS.

  1. An order confirmation for SaaS. You may also receive an order confirmation for any training you purchased with SaaS.
  2. A member of our web services administration team will call you to confirm when the transition can occur. The transition will take between two and four hours, and needs to occur during standard business hours. You will be unable to use either Virtual Office CS or SaaS during this time period.
  3. Once the transition is complete, the web services administration representative will contact you to notify you that you can now enable SaaS permissions and use the software. You will also receive a "Welcome to SaaS" email.
    • Because you already have login credentials for, you will continue to use the same login credentials.
  4. If you need assistance with getting started with any CS Professional Suite applications on SaaS that you didn't previously use on Virtual Office CS, see Getting started with your new CS Professional Suite application.