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The Web Services Discount Manager is a module in EMS used to enter web services discounts relating to new sales, goodwill and legitimate credits, and to review prior discount/suppression history. The discount (and cancellation) history is available for all Customer Service (CS) representatives to read, but only a Customer Service Senior or above is able to process a suppression (or discount). For the steps to process and read a web services cancellations, see Internal: Web Services cancellation manager.

How to access the discount manager

These instructions can be used by all User Services Representatives.

  1. Open EMS.
  2. Click Task in the upper left bar.
  3. Click EMS Administration and select Web Disc/Canc Manager.
  4. Enter the firm ID and click Load Firm.
  5. To review discount history, click Firm Discount & Cancellation History.

How to read the discount and cancellation history

The top half of the module will list all products and the dates for which the discount is valid. Pay attention to all fields and any overwritten options. Notable fields are:

How to enter a web services discount (suppression) for a CS Senior and above

  1. Open the discount manager using the above using steps 1 through 5 for How to Access
    1. Open EMS
    2. Click on Task
    3. Click on EMS Administration
    4. Select Web Disc/Canc Manager
    5. Enter the firm ID and click the Load Firm button
  2. Click the Discount tab.
  3. In the Available Products column, select the appropriate product(s). Move them into the Selected Product window by clicking the right arrow button.
    • Keep in mind the bold products beginning with All will discount all product line items that fall under that category. This option should not be used often.
  4. In the Notes section, add a brief note on why the discount is being given.
    • Examples: Didn't disable profile correctly, didn't intend to enable, VO promo.
  5. In the Discount type field, select Percent or Dollar.
  6. In the Discount amount field, enter the dollar amount or percentage of the discount.
    • This amount will be off the total for that product type.
  7. The Requestor initials field are the initials of the person requesting the discount.
  8. Select the appropriate Discount category based on the following descriptions:
    • Goodwill Client Error: Goodwill credit offered for incorrect account administration by the customer.
    • Legitimate: Discount due to verified issues with EMS or finance approved promotions. This should only be used in those specific instances.
    • Goodwill Other: Goodwill credit given outside of promotion or customer error (i.e. incorrect information given by TR).
    • Goodwill Sales Terms or Incentives: Sales promotion outside of Finance approved promotions (one-off promotions), Sales granted goodwill credits, or Executive/Product Management granted credits. This is only used by the sales team.
    • See the Web Services TL or Specialist with questions if the situation does not fit one of the above criteria.
  9. Select the date range in the Begin and End Month/Yr field.
  10. Click the Save Discount button.

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