Adding an SQL data location

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  1. If you haven't installed the FileCabinet CS database, follow the installation and configuration procedures in Getting Started with FileCabinet CS.
  2. Choose Setup > System Configuration.
  3. Click the Data Locations tab.
  4. Click the Add/Modify Data Location button.
  5. In the Data Location Format dialog, click the Database format option and click Next.

    Note: You cannot change the format of a data location after it has been created. However, drawer data is automatically converted when you copy drawers between structured-storage and database data locations.

  6. In the Add Database Data Location dialog, enter the information as indicated for the provided fields.
  7. If you want to convert FileCabinet CS data to the database format after adding the new data location, mark the Open Copy Drawers dialog after adding new data location checkbox.

    Note: If you convert existing data after adding a database data location, we recommend that you also rebuild folder links. This ensures that documents are correctly associated with user-defined folders after being converted to the database format.

  8. Click OK.

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