Adding a drawer

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Follow these steps to add a drawer.

  1. Click the New Drawer New drawer button button.
  2. Select the data location to which you will add the drawer from the Data Location field.

    Note: Data locations must be added in the Data Locations tab of the System Configuration dialog. For more information, see Maintaining data locations for FileCabinet CS data.

  3. In the Drawer ID field, enter the drawer ID.

    Note: You can enter up to 11 characters in this field.

  4. In the Drawer name field, enter the drawer name.
  5. In the EIN/SSN field, enter the Employer Identification Number or Social Security Number for the drawer. This information is used for the data-sharing of client notes among CS Professional Suite applications.
  6. In the Drawer email field, enter an email address. This address will appear in the To field when you email documents from this drawer.


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