Determining MAPI-Compliant Email Client for CS Professional Suite

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As Simple MAPI applications are not supported by Microsoft on Windows 7 or newer, a MAPI-compliant (also known as Extended MAPI) email application such as Microsoft Outlook is required to utilize the email integration features of CS Professional Suite applications.

If you have issues sending emails or if the Send to Email Recipient option is grayed out in a CS Professional Suite application, verify that the workstation has a MAPI-compliant email application and that it has been configured properly. 

CS Professional Suite applications use the same email functionality as your Windows operating system. A simple test to verify that a MAPI-compliant email application is setup on your workstation is:

  1. Right-click on any document in Windows Explorer or on your Windows Desktop
  2. Select Send to > Mail Recipient

This should add the selected document as an email attachment in your Windows default email application. CS Professional Suite applications should mimic this behavior if it works properly in Windows.

The two items are what CS Professional Suite applications use to determine if the Windows operating system has a MAPI-compliant email application:

  1. In the C:\Windows\win.ini file, verify that the following two lines appear:

    Note: If the lines do not appear, the .ini file can be opened with notepad and they can be added manually. Additionally, if win.ini does not exist, it can be created as a TXT document, then the lines can be manually added and the file can be renamed to win.ini.

  2. Make sure that the file MAPI32.dll exists in C:\Windows\System32

If these settings and files are not available, or if making them available does not solve the problem, contact your qualified IT professional for further assistance.

Internal notes

Mozilla Thunderbird is a simple MAPI application. As a result, Thunderbird may integrate with CS Professional Suite applications but should not be supported beyond this topic. See Using Mozilla Thunderbird with CS Professional Suite Applications for more information.

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