FileCabinet CS Error: Class Csi_Core_Library

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class csi_core_library::Registry::RegLiteException:  Failed to attach base registry object.

This error occurs when the user does not have the permissions to write certain values to the registry.  Users will receive the following error when trying to open FileCabinet CS:

FileCabinet CS class csi core library error

Follow these steps to resolve the error:

  1. Close all open programs, including non-CS applications.
  2. Browse to X:\WinCSI\Cabinet\Desktop\Setup.exe, where X is the drive letter on which you installed FileCabinet CS. If you installed FileCabinet CS in a different directory than the one listed here, browse to the appropriate path.
  3. Right click on the setup.exe file and choose run as administrator.
  4. Try to open FileCabinet CS again.  Proceed to the next steps only if the issue persists.  

As defined by Microsoft, User Account Control is a feature in Windows that informs you when a program makes a change that requires administrator-level permissions. Enabling UAC may interfere with the installation, performance, and functionality of CS Professional Suite applications; therefore, we recommend disabling UAC on each workstation by setting UAC to Never Notify. To learn how to disable the UAC, see Microsoft's Turn User Account Control on or off External linkarticle.

Note: Based on the network or security policy of your firm, it may not be possible to disable User Account Control.  We recommend installing all CS Professional Suite applications by using the Run as administrator option. If UAC is enabled and you encounter any issues while installing or using any CS Professional Suite application, you may need to disable UAC as a troubleshooting step. For further assistance, consult your qualified IT professional.

We recommend that you have a qualified technician make registry changes as problems with the registry can cause serious problems with the operating system. We also recommended that you backup the registry before making changes to it.

If you still receive this error after following the previous procedures, then follow these steps.

  1. Open the Registry editor (Start > type Regedit in the search box for Windows 7).
  2. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Creative Solutions\CSI Tools\Installation. For a 64-bit machine, navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Wow6432Node\Creative Solutions\CSI Tools\Installation.
  3. Verify that the AppPath key is there and that the path is correct, if the key is there but the path is incorrect, update the key. If the key or the folders are missing, create them by doing the following:
    a.  Right-click the Creative Solutions folder and click New > Key. Rename the name of the key to CSI Tools.
    b.  On the CSI Tools folder, right click and click New > Key. Rename the new folder to Installation.
    c.  On the Installation folder, right click and click New > String Value. Rename the key to AppPath and add the correct path to the WinCSI folder in the Value Data field.

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