FileCabinet CS: Designating or deleting documents to be transmitted to NetClient CS portals for a single drawer

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You can individually select or delete documents for Document Presentation.

To designate or delete documents for a drawer to be transmitted to NetClient portals (that are not already in a folder designated globally for NetClient):

  1. In the Folders window, navigate to and select the desired document.
  2. Choose Edit > Document Properties.
  3. Mark or Un-Mark the {NetClient CS} checkbox in the list of available folders. This folder appears at the bottom of the list. Mark the box to select the document for Document Presentation or un-mark the box to remove the document from Document Presentation.  
  4. Click the OK button.
  5. Click File > NetClient CS.
  6. Select the client to the right hand pane, then click Connect and Call Now in the CS Connect window.

Note: Except for Adobe Acrobat .PDF files, all other embedded objects cannot be pushed to NetClient CS portals.

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