FileCabinet CS: Functionality available with an expired license

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Since record retention is vital to your office, Thomson Reuters will never deny you access to your data stored in FileCabinet CS, even if you do not renew your license.

You will always be able to view, print, backup, restore, send to file, and send to email any documentation that exists in FileCabinet CS.

An expired license will not allow you to add additional information into FileCabinet CS, or to upload/download any data through CS Connect: This includes pushing any documents through NetClient CS Document Presentation and Source Document Processing, as well as program updates and licenses.  Additionally, as the expired license will revert to single-user, only one user will be able to access the data in FileCabinet CS at any given time.

Note for SaaS firms

If you are using Software as a Service, you should export all documents before canceling SaaS, unless you are purchasing FileCabinet CS. Since SaaS is a leasing option, once you are no longer leasing the software, you will no longer have access to the applications, unless you fully license the software.

General Note

If FileCabinet CS was uninstalled and the installation CD or download for the firm's last licensed version was lost, old versions of the program may be downloaded from The login and password are fcsexpired. This special-case FTP account will not allow you to delete or upload, only download old versions of FileCabinet CS.  To get to the FTP site, copy the address listed earlier in this paragraph and paste it into your Windows Explorer address bar.

Only the year that the firm was most recently licensed for should be downloaded, as expired licenses are tied to the year of the program they were established under.

Archiving Note

Archiving features (including restoring an archive) will still work with an expired license.

Support Note

Since FileCabinet CS support is billable, if you have an expired license and choose not to renew, support will not be able to provide any support until the product is renewed or current.

License Note

A License Disk should be created before uninstalling the product. Instructions to create a License Disk are available here,  Creating a FileCabinet CS license disk. Once the product expires, it is not possible to recreate, download or acquire the license otherwise.

FileCabinet CS Trial

Outside of using FileCabinet with expired licenses, using a Trial version is an alternate option. The Trial version is more limited in capacity than using FileCabinet with expired licenses though.  For more information on installing the Trial version, see Installing the FileCabinet CS trial version.

Internal notes

For internal reps that have been migrated to the new TEN domain, you will need to use the following FTP site URL instead of the one listed above:

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