FileCabinet CS: Importing Image Files

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Although Thomson Reuters recommends that you purchase and use a TWAIN-compliant scanner for use with the CS Professional Suite, FileCabinet CS also allows you the ability to import already scanned images.

To import image files into FileCabinet CS, follow these steps.

  1. Open FileCabinet CS.
  2. Choose Image > Copy from File.
  3. In the Select Images dialog, navigate to and select the image file. (Use the Shift and Control keys to select multiple images.)
  4. Click the Select button to confirm the selection.
  5. In the Copy Image dialog, the selected drawer is automatically displayed in the Drawer ID field. To change drawers, open the drop-down list and select the appropriate drawer.
  6. Change the name, if desired, by entering it in the Image Name field.
  7. In the Document folders list, mark the checkbox next to each document folder in which you want to store the image.
  8. Click the Yes button to store the image in the selected document folder(s) and return to FileCabinet CS.

Note: You can copy existing images of the following image types into FileCabinet CS: BMP, JPEG, PCX, RAS, TIFF, ICO, JPG, PGM, TARGA, JFIF, PBM, PNG, TGA, JIF, PCD, PPM, TIF. Note that PDF files cannot be imported using this method; see FileCabinet CS: Creating an embedded object from an existing file.

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