FileCabinet CS: Local installation of FileCabinet CS on a laptop (best practice)

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When you have a laptop that is used both in the office and out in the field, it is recommended to install FileCabinet CS locally and setup 2 data locations (1 to your network data and 1 to your local data) so that you can easily switch between the 2 data locations.. The steps listed below are best practices on installing FileCabinet CS on a laptop when you need to be able to access the data both on your network as well as local.

To install FileCabinet CS locally on your laptop from your CD-ROM or from the download, follow the instructions below.

  1. Run the Setup.exe or download file. If installing from the downloaded file, you will see the extraction wizard.

  2. Click Yes to accept the license agreement.

  3. Click Yes on the UltraTax CS Product Group Installation window.

  4. Check off FileCabinet CS for the Product and click Next. Make sure that the Installing To shows your local drive of C:\WinCSI.

  5. After the installation is complete, open the program and go through the prompts to download and install your licenses.

  6. If this laptop will also need access to the data on your network as well as local data when you are out of the office, continue to the next step in order to setup a second data location to your firm's network data.
  7. Click Setup > System Configuration > Data Locations and setup a second location for your network.

This will then allow you to back up or restore any data on your network to bring it local before leaving the office with the laptop.

Note:  Effective 11/1/13, FileCabinet CS will no longer be available via CD.  Web download will be the only option in order to obtain the software.

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