Copying drawers between data locations

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You can copy Digita FileCabinet drawers from one data location to another. For example, if your business has multiple offices and you have a separate data location for each office, you might need to copy documents if a client is reassigned to a different office. Also, after adding an SQL data location, you can convert drawer data residing in standard-format data locations. To do so, use the Copy Drawers dialog to copy the data to the new SQL data location.

  1. Choose File > Copy Drawers.
  2. Choose the destination location of the drawer you will copy from the Destination location drop-down list.
  3. Do one of the following.
    • Highlight the drawers that you will copy and click the Select button to move the drawers to the right pane.
    • Click the Select All button to select all of the drawers in the list.
  4. If necessary, select options in the Options group box.


    • The Automatically create folders checkbox is marked by default. Clear this checkbox if you do not want Digita FileCabinet to automatically duplicate user-created folders in the destination location.
    • Mark the Enable application lock during copy process checkbox to prevent other users from making drawer modifications while you are copying drawers.
    • Mark the Copy documents from selected folders only checkbox or Move documents from selected folders only checkbox to copy or move all documents from folders that you select to the selected destination location.

      Copying or moving documents from selected folders will overwrite all data in destination drawers that correspond with the drawers that you select.

  5. Click the Copy button.