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Try one of the following:

  • Check to see if certain clients are filtered from the list. To do so, click the Sort/Focus Sort/Focus button button in the Folders Window and see whether any of the Focus drawer list checkboxes are marked.

    If the step above does not work and the drawers are missing for one user, follow these steps.

    1. Close Digita FileCabinet.
    2. Navigate to X:\WinCSI\FcabSys (where X is the drive letter where Digita FileCabinet is installed.)
    3. Right-click the ZFCUMSC.<username> file (where <username> corresponds the person experiencing the issue.)
    4. Click Rename and rename the file to ZFCUMSC.old.
    5. Open Digita FileCabinet.

      Note: If this doesn't resolve the issue, it may be related to permissions. For further details about permissions, see Permissions guidelines for CS Professional Suite.

  • Rebuild the Drawer list. To do this, choose Help > Repair > Drawers tab, and click the Rebuild List of Drawers button.

Digita FileCabinet is designed to use specific folders for documents printed from other Digita Professional Suite applications. Copying such documents to other folders simply creates a reference to the original location; therefore, you cannot delete the original without also deleting any copied references.

This behavior does not apply to documents that are scanned or embedded in Digita FileCabinet or that are printed to Digita FileCabinet using the Digita FileCabinet print driver. These documents can be copied, and then deleted from the original location.

Verify that you chose a valid data location in Digita FileCabinet. To do this, choose Setup > System Configuration and click the Data Locations tab.

Make sure that all Digita FileCabinet users have closed the application before changing the security settings. You may wish to wait until after normal business hours to change security settings.

Installation and updates

Digita Virtual Office environments

Some firms that work within Digita Virtual Office environments are not licensed for Microsoft Outlook through Digita Virtual Office. As a result, Digita FileCabinet defaults to using Outlook Express or Windows Mail.