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Use this dialog to search documents stored in Digita FileCabinet for certain characteristics. Digita FileCabinet searches the following information, based on your selection.

Digita FileCabinet displays results of searches in the Find Results dialog.

To open this dialog, choose Edit > Find, or press CTRL+F. This dialog also opens when you click the Find within Results button in the Find Results dialog.

Fields & buttons

Enter text for which you want to search. Digita FileCabinet returns results containing the text string you enter. To narrow your search further, you may want to mark the Match whole field only checkbox.

Enter or select dates from the drop-down menus to search for text created during a specific period.

Select this option to search in all drawers within Digita FileCabinet.

Select this option to search in a drawer that you select from the adjacent drop-down list.

Mark this checkbox if you wish to search only for text that matches all of the text in a particular field. The text you enter in the Text field or your selections in the Find what group box must exactly match the text in the searched field to obtain a valid search result.

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