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Click the following links to view the Digita FileCabinet areas and features to which you can allow or deny access using advanced security features.


  • Open/Access Digita FileCabinet
  • Home Page
  • Conversion Utility
  • Send to Email Recipient/File
  • Banner Page Global Options
  • Add/Edit Default Naming Buttons
  • Delete Default Naming Buttons
  • Event History Log
  • Email Text Global Options
  • Repair Functions


  • Archive Setup
  • View
  • Create/Restore
  • Delete


  • Delete Documents
  • Delete Backups
  • Delete Drawers


  • Add/Edit the Document Names List
  • Delete from the Document Names List
  • Overwrite Printed Documents
  • Manage Documents
  • Document Properties
  • Rename Documents
  • Editing Embedded Objects

Stamp Library

  • Stamp Library Administration
  • Cut, copy, paste or delete Annotations
  • Stamp Annotation: <<any stamp annotation that you have added>>
  • <<New stamp>>


  • Drawer Passwords
  • Rename Drawers
  • Backup Drawers
  • Restore Drawers
  • Drawer Properties
  • Client Communications
  • Copy Drawers


Digita Connect

  • Digita Connect
  • Digita NetClient Functions

Document Folders

  • Add/Edit
  • Delete
  • Drawer Subfolders
  • Folder: <<your firm's folder>>
  • <<Product folder>>
  • Digita FileCabinet Reports
  • Template Documents
  • <<new folder>>

Data Locations

  • Add/Modify
  • Delete
  • Data Location: <<any data location you have added>>
  • <<new data location>>
  • Transfer Configurable Files