Converting drawer data

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You can convert drawer data with the DT FileCabinet Conversion utility. This utility provides optimizing and reformatting options for improving the speed and performance of DT FileCabinet.

Note: For information on converting drawers between structured storage and database formats, see Converting data formats.

To convert drawer data, follow these steps.

  1. Open the DT FileCabinet Conversion utility using one of the following methods.
    • Choose Help > Repair and click the Conversion Utility button in the Drawers tab.
    • If a message appears indicating that one or more drawers are not in the current file format when DT FileCabinet opens, click the Yes button to proceed with the conversion process.
  2. Mark the appropriate checkboxes in the Options group box.
    • Store Drawer data in a multiple-file format for faster file access: Mark this checkbox to have DT FileCabinet store each drawer as a group of multiple files, instead of as a single file. We recommend converting all drawers using this option.
    • Optimize performance for Windows XP and higher systems: This feature uses technology that is part of the Windows XP and higher operating systems to optimize application performance. Drawers that are optimized cannot be accessed using computers that run Windows NT operating systems.

      Before optimizing drawer data, verify that all computers in your organization, including those used in home offices, and laptops used in the field, are running Windows XP or higher operating systems.

  3. Select the drawers to convert. Some drawers may have been selected automatically when you opened the DT FileCabinet Conversion Utility dialog.
  4. Click the Convert button.


  • DT FileCabinet uses an automatic locking feature for the conversion process.
  • When you select more than one drawer for conversion, the conversion process skips any drawers that cannot be converted due to damaged data.
  • When a single drawer that contains damaged data is selected for conversion, you will be prompted to allow the conversion utility to extract and convert usable portions of the drawer data. Damaged portions of the drawer will not be converted, and this can result in the loss of documents in the drawer being converted. As part of this process, the DT FileCabinet Conversion utility makes a copy of the original drawer files prior to conversion.
  • The Conversion utility is not applicable to drawers that use the database format.