DT FileCabinet document types

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Documents are pages or groups of pages that are stored in DT FileCabinet and organized into various folders. Images that are copied in as graphics files or scanned directly into DT FileCabinet are also considered documents.

The folders window contains icons that represent various types of documents. The following documents are available in DT FileCabinet. To view document descriptions, click any of the following icons.

Icon Description
Pages from other applications Pages stored in DT FileCabinet from another DT Professional Suite application or pages that were re-filed from within DT FileCabinet.
Image within the application

This icon represents an image. An image is a graphics file that was copied or scanned directly into DT FileCabinet.

Note: Graphic file extensions supported in DT FileCabinet include BMP, ICO, JFIF, JPEG, JPG, PBM, PCD, PCX, PGM, PNG, PPM, RAS, TARGA, TGA, TIF, and TIFF.

Image group

A collection of images that were copied or scanned directly into DT FileCabinet.

Note: Multi-page TIF files cannot be added to image groups.

Embedded document Documents that are embedded into DT FileCabinet. Each icon represents the source application for the file. Icons shown are from a PDF file and a DOC file that was created in Microsoft Word.
Pages printed to the application Pages printed to DT FileCabinet using the DT FileCabinet print driver. When the source application can be determined by DT FileCabinet, the icon will represent the logo of the source application (like the Microsoft Word icon shown).
Page with notes

Pages that include page notes.

Note: You cannot add page notes to embedded objects