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During a search, DT FileCabinet searches the following information, based on your selection.

To perform a search, follow these steps.

  1. Choose Edit > Find to open the Find dialog.
  2. Enter the keywords you want to find in the Text field.
  3. Use the Date created drop-down menus to limit your search for items created during the selected time frame.
  4. Click the Find button. Results appear in the Find Results dialog.


  • To search for text exactly matching an entire field, mark the Match whole field only checkbox and enter complete information in the Text field.
  • To search for a specific grouping of text or characters, enclose the text in quotation marks. For example, to find all documents created by Joe Smith, enter "Joe Smith" in the Text field. With the quotation marks, only text that matches the entire group of characters is returned in the search results. Without the quotation marks, all results are returned that match "Joe" or "Smith".
  • To speed up your search, select fewer options in the Fields to search group box.


  • After performing a search, you can click the Find within results button in the Find Results dialog to narrow results list.
  • After you click the Find button, you may be prompted to enter passwords for password-protected drawers. If you click Cancel, DT FileCabinet will not ask for the passwords for any remaining password-protected drawers and those drawers will be skipped in the search.
  • If you assigned the same password to more than one drawer, you need only enter that password once to search all drawers with that password. This shortcut applies only to the current session of DT FileCabinet. To refresh the password protection, exit the application.
  • The Date created drop-down menu items are only available when the Document creation information (date and user) checkbox is marked in the Fields to search group box.