Transmitting documents to DT Client Portal

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If you are licensed for DT Firm Portal, you must transmit the documents in the drawers you designated for DT Client Portal using DT Connect .

To transmit documents to DT Client Portal, follow these steps.

  1. Choose File > DT Client Portal to open the DT Client Portal dialog.

    Only drawers that are designated as contributors to DT Client Portal appear in the DT Client Portal dialog. For more information, see Designating a drawer as a contributor to DT Client Portal.

  2. In the DT Client Portal dialog, move the drawers that contain the documents you want to transmit from the left pane to the right pane by highlighting them and clicking the Select button. (Click the Select All button to move all available drawers.) You can also click the drop-down arrow adjacent to the Select button and choose Select Changed to select all drawers changed or choose Select Forced to select all folders forced since the last transmission to DT Client Portal.

    Note: You can also open DT Connect and choose Select Drawers under the DT Client Portal checkbox.

  3. Click the Connect button to open DT Connect . DT FileCabinet creates the file that will be transmitted via DT Connect .
  4. Place a call to DT Connect .

    The size of the file transmitted to DT Client Portal can vary, depending on the number of documents and images selected for each designated drawer. Because the size of the file can become rather large, you may prefer to place an unattended call to the our network of secure data centers during your non-business hours.


  • By default, drawers appear in the left pane of the DT Client Portal dialog after the associated drawers are designated as contributors to DT Client Portal. After drawers are moved to the right pane, they remain in the right pane until you move them back to the left pane.
  • You can also enable automatic transmittal of documents to DT Client Portal. DT Connect Background Services will scan for any drawers with a status of Changed or Forced and transmit updated documents to the portals.

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