Dragging and dropping files into DT FileCabinet

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When you drag and drop files into DT FileCabinet, you must drop or release the file into a drawer in the drawer list. You can drop a file into a specific folder within a drawer. If you drop the file into the drawer but not into a folder, the file will appear in the Not Yet Filed folder. Otherwise, the file will be associated with the folder into which you dropped it.


  • Your cursor looks like this: Cursor for drag and drop when it is in a postion in which you can release the file.
  • If you try to drop files elsewhere in DT FileCabinet, your cursor will look like this: Cursor for invalid drag and drop. This cursor can also indicate that the file being dragged is not a supported file type for embedding into DT FileCabinet.

You can drag and drop message (.MSG) files into DT FileCabinet directly from Outlook. Simply click and drag the email to the appropriate drawer and/or folder in DT FileCabinet. An embedded message file will contain any associated attachments within the embedded object. You can also drag and drop attachments (of supported file types) directly from an Outlook message into DT FileCabinet.

Upon a successful drop, the Embed or Print dialog opens. You can choose to embed the file and/or print it to DT FileCabinet. You can also choose to have the file deleted from it's original location following this process.

Note: Files that you drag and drop into DT FileCabinet are copied into a temporary directory within the X:\WinCSI\FcabSys\TmpPrn folder ( where X = the drive letter where the program is installed). The Embed or Print prompt will not display until the file is completely written to DT FileCabinet; therefore, you may experience a delay between dropping the file and receiving this prompt, depending on the size of the file.

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