CS Connect Background Services

Alerts and notices

You can use CS Connect Background Services to keep Fixed Assets CS updated. In addition, you can determine who has access to CS Connect Background Services.

To change the default settings, choose Setup > System Configuration, and then click the CS Connect + Options tab.

Note: The options you set for CS Connect Background Services affect FileCabinet CS, Fixed Assets CS, and UltraTax CS.


By default, the Enable background services checkbox is marked to apply pending updates at 3 a.m. eastern time. However, you can apply updates at any time.


  • Updates will apply after you close and reopen the application.
  • To retrieve and update licenses you must call or schedule an unattended call with CS Connect.
  • When CS Connect Background Services is enabled, a CS Connect icon displays in the Windows taskbar notification area.

Access to CS Connect Background Services

By default, all computers on the network are allowed to run background services. To limit this option to only the computer you are using, choose Setup > System Configuration, click the CS Connect + Options tab, and select the Only this computer option.

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