Fixed Assets CS depreciation data conversions

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You can view or print the following data conversion guides in PDF to learn about the data conversion process in detail. You should carefully review the guide for the data you will convert before you run the conversion application and begin converting your client data. The guides contain important information about installing the conversion application, creating conversion files, items converted and not converted, and reviewing your converted data.

To get started on the conversion of your depreciation data, download the Fixed Assets CS Conversion installation file from our website (See the Fixed Assets CS Conversion download page for instructions.) If the Fixed Assets CS Conversion file is unavailable on the downloads page, or you are converting from an older version of a competitor's application than is listed in the Depreciation Data Conversion Guide, call our Product Support line at 800-968-0600 and follow the prompts to speak with a Product Support representative. Normal weekday support is from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Eastern standard time. 

Our Depreciation Data Conversion guides are posted in this topic as the guides are released. If the current-year conversion guide is not available for your application, check back later.

Note: You must have Adobe Reader version 9.0 or higher installed to view the Depreciation Data Conversion guides. If you don't have the current version or if you have problems opening bulletins, you can download and install the latest version of the Reader from the Adobe Reader page of the Adobe website External link. (What's this?)

This icon appears alongside links to resources that are not developed or maintained by Thomson Reuters. We provide access to these resources for your convenience, but we are not responsible for their accuracy. If you need additional assistance, please consult your qualified technician and/or the vendor who developed the resource.

Internal notes

The conversion guides listed above are applications that were converted for the current year (which are updated and delivered around February/March every year). If you don't see the application or version listed in that topic, contact the Conversions team.

Conversion utility

Some firms can download the Fixed Assets CS Conversion Utility from the My Product Downloads page of the website. The Fixed Assets CS Conversion Utility will be available for a firm to download only if the firm contains the following information in Flash under Task > Licenses > Product Profile:

  • The firm has "CSI" as the "Current method" for "DEP" (i.e. Fixed Assets CS)
  • A "CM date" within the last 12 months
  • The firm has a "Replaced method" of one of the following products: ASSETK, FAS, BNA, ACCWORLD, EASYACCT, PROSERIES, BEST, CPAS, or PROFX.

To verify if the utility is available for a firm, Support can use MKT Web Tools to access a customer's CS Web Login via the Customer view button next to an individual's name.

Should you need to provide the user the conversion file or test a conversion from another vendor to Fixed Assets CS using the current conversion software on behalf of a customer, you can access the Fixed Assets CS Conversion Utility v2015.1 (released May, 2016) from the Product Downloads page in Internal Tools. Or you can also directly access the download at

Note that in order to install and run the utility, you must copy and paste this file to your local desktop and then install it as administrator (by right clicking on the file and choosing to run as administrator). Refer to Fixed Assets CS depreciation data conversions for additional details within the applicable conversion guide.

Important! In general, firms can download the Fixed Assets CS Conversion Utility from the My Product Downloads page of the website if they purchased Fixed Assets CS within the last year. If it is not available, you may send the file to the firm using MKT.

Conversion release schedule

To access the Fixed Assets CS conversion release schedule, click here.

Conversion file formats

The following table provides the different file formats of competitor programs users will be converting.

Competitor Default Data Path VersionFile File Types
AccountantsWorld Fixed Asset Relief C:\Program Files\AW\FAR\Data1 3 - 5.95





Asset Keeper Pro C:\akdata 2013 - 2016
BNA Fixed Assets Desktop C:\Program Files\BNA Software\BNA Fixed Assets Desktop\co_data 2004.x – 2014.1.0.48

For BNA, you must create an export file (from BNA) prior to running the conversion. See the conversion TL. The export file(s) should look like this (one file per client):

BNA Fixed Assets  ListedAuto.ndx



CPA Depreciation c:\cpas\data (per-client data); c:\cpas\common (common data) 2003.x - 2006.62.01

Common (folder)







Intuit EasyACCT Professional Series



2001/2002 -










ProSeries Fixed Asset Manager


Where YY is the Year

2001.x – 2016.01

{13A01_  (folder)

{13B01_  (folder)

{13B01_  (folder)

ProSystem fx Fixed Assets C:\FixedAst\UserData\ 2012.01000 - 2014.01030



Sage FAS 100 Asset c:\Program Files\ SageFAS \FAS Asset Accounting\Data 2007.x - 2017.1

Note: If you do not see the desired database, verify the location in Sage FAS by choosing File > Database List Manager.


Note: The most current Fixed Assets CS Conversion CD is version 2014.1.

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