Personal Property Tax (PPT) Associations: Quick Reference

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This topic summarizes the required asset associations to prepare personal property tax returns in UltraTax CS.

For step-by-step details, see Entering asset data for UltraTax CS personal property tax returns.

Note: UltraTax CS defaults to using the Book Treatment within the asset module to complete most PPT returns. Exceptions are noted below. If you need to set up the Book treatment, choose Setup > Treatments and then select Book. Then, follow the steps in Building a treatment to generate amounts for the treatment. Alternatively, if you do not want to use a Book Treatment, enter X in the Complete return using the [ST] treatment within the Asset module field on Screen Gen of that particular PPT return.


District of Columbia







  • Situs
  • Location ID # (this creates the unit)
  • PPT type – MI

Note: City - MI is required for tax years ending prior to 12/31/16.


North Carolina

Puerto Rico

  • Situs (this creates the unit)
  • Municipality – PR
  • PPT type – PR

South Carolina

  • Situs
  • Location ID # (this creates the unit)
  • County – SC
  • PPT type – SC
  • Form type – SC
  • If PT-300 is filed, then also complete Plant/Operation name

    Note: South Carolina PPT defaults to using the Tax treatment.


  • Situs
  • Location ID # (this creates the unit)
  • County – TX

    Note: If filing a Dallas, Harris, or Tarrant county return, use the PPT type-TX association for that return (PPT type – HarrisTX, PPT type – DallasTX, or PPT type – TarrantTX).


  • Situs
  • Location (this creates the unit)
  • PPT type – VA

    Note: You must also specify a County / City on Screen Return in the Property folder.


  • Situs
  • Location (this creates the unit)
  • PPT type – WI

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