Instructions for integrating between UltraTax CS and Fixed Assets CS

Alerts and notices

In most cases, Fixed Assets CS automatically shares data with the corresponding UltraTax CS client without any action required by you, as long as the client IDs, entity types, and file locations (DeprData) match in both programs. However, if you want to manually transfer Fixed Assets CS data into the open UltraTax CS client, follow this procedure.

  1. Open the desired client in UltraTax CS.
  2. Choose Utilities > Fixed Assets CS (Import).

If the option is grayed out under the Utilities menu, refer to Fixed Assets CS (Import) Option is Grayed Out Under Utilities in UltraTax CS.


  • Clients created in UltraTax CS will not appear in Fixed Assets CS until the Asset tab is accessed in the UltraTax CS client. If a new UltraTax CS client is created and the asset tab is not accessed it will not appear in Fixed Assets CS.
  • When entering assets and creating new activities like Rentals within Fixed Assets CS, the new unit will not automatically be added in the UltraTax CS client. This will cause an Orphaned folder to be created and you will receive a prompt regarding the Orphaned Folder (refer to UltraTax CS: Orphaned Folders for details on how to resolve an Orphaned Folder). It is recommended that when you add additional units (Rentals, Schedule C, etc.), you create the appropriate unit within the activity folder within UltraTax CS first and then the Fixed Assets CS program will pick it up. Depreciation data entry can be completed within either program

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