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Reported Date Category Reported Version Status Modified Date Fixed Version Synopsis
10/25/17 All 2016 Notice 10/25/17 Notice Action required - update your CS Professional Suite license PIN

New for 2017, the license PIN you use for your CS Professional Suite applications cannot match your firm's ZIP code. If your license PIN matches your ZIP code, your firm's designated Licensee or Delegate must update it to a secure PIN. For details, see Managing your license PIN.

This update is required before you can successfully download and install the appropriate licenses to your programs. If you have received a "Firm ID and PIN do not match our records" error message, contact your firm's licensee to obtain the correct PIN. For addtional details about this error message, see License download failed: firm ID and PIN do not match our records.

11/17/17 All All Open 11/17/17 N/A License PIN not saving / firm ID and PIN do not match

Communication was sent to firms in October explaining that they must update and/or verify their license PIN, as the PIN is no longer allowed to match the ZIP code. If a firm receives the CS Connect error that the firm ID and PIN do not match our records, they need to verify their PIN on the My Account page.

There have been reports of license PINs appearing to revert to the ZIP code after being updated. A fix for this issue was released 11.19.17. If a firm reports a "Firm ID and PIN do match our records" message in CS Connect, follow the instructions in the internal note of Troubleshooting license PIN update errors.

After troubleshooting, if the PIN is reverting to the firm ZIP code after updating it on our work with your departments CF to resolve the issue.

06/29/17 Security ALL Notice 06/29/17 Notice Phishing Email Scam

We have been made aware of a Phishing Email Scam that has been sent to some CS Professional Suite users. The Phishing Email asks for 'Re-Validation of Login Credentials'. This was NOT sent by Thomson Reuters. It is an attempt to trick practitioners into revealing their login information. Please do not click on 'Login' button in this email.

If you receive a call about this from a user send the Firm ID, contact name, email address, and details of the message received - including the email address the email address was sent from - to the Command Center.

06/28/17 Platform N/A Notice 06/28/17 N/A Responding to questions regarding Petya ransomeware

For users asking questions about this, here is the approved Thomson Reuters customer statement regarding Petya ransomware.

"Thomson Reuters takes the security of its global systems seriously. We are well aware of the latest, highly publicized, Petya ransomware attack that has impacted a number of organizations around the world, and our systems continue to function normally.

We are continually monitoring our systems to ensure the protection of our customers’ information and achieve consistent reliability of our products and services.

In the event customers experience any difficulties, they should contact their customer representative as usual.

06/02/17 Platform N/A Verified 06/15/17 N/A An Issue Occurred with Your Firms Security Upgrade

When logging into a user may receive a prompt to migrate their security. After entering their password a second time they will receive an error message stating migration failed and to contact support. Please add these firms to this TFS item and let them know the issue is being worked on.

05/25/17 Security Notice 06/01/17 Resolved Resolved - "Unable to confirm password" error message when enabling or disabling multi-factor authentication via CS Web
The issue causing users to receive this error message when enabling or disabling multi-factor authentication for their CS Web account has been resolved. Users who cannot access their CS Professional Suite application or the website due to an inaccessible mobile device, should follow the steps for logging in when your mobile device is not accessible.
03/09/17 Security N/A Notice 03/09/17 Notice Update to internal procedures for change of address requests

In an effort to ensure requests to update demographic information are valid the following changes are effective immediately:

At this time CS Web accounts with administrative permissions can still make these requests. We can only accept requests submitted by the licensee. We are currently looking in to ways to restrict this.

03/06/17 Security N/A Notice 05/02/17 Notice Strengthen security for your firm and clients with multi-factor authentication

Did you know Thomson Reuters can offer even more advanced security options through multi-factor authentication? Many of the online accounts and software products that you use every day are currently protected by a login and password - multi-factor authentication adds at least one more layer of identity verification to that process.

We strongly recommend that you use multi-factor authentication to provide the highest level of security for you data. To get started, see Multi-factor authentication overview. For additional details about our strongly recommended security measures, see the Data Security for Tax and Accounting Firms page on our website.

03/06/17 Security N/A Notice 05/02/17 Notice Firm security – contacting the Incident Management group

When customers tell us that they were compromised, their identity was hacked, they’ve had a security breach, or any other indication that their information has been compromised, it is important to share this. Send any information you receive via email to Support - Incident Management. This team reviews that information to ensure old EFIN numbers are blocked, and takes necessary steps behind the scenes to make sure any compromised information cannot be used maliciously.

02/21/17 Security N/A Notice 05/02/17 Notice EMS Migration Support Tool error: "User exists in TRID, but there is no TRUID in EMS. Contact Platform Development for resolution"

To resolve this error, please follow these steps:

  1. Have the firm admin log in to
  2. The admin chooses Manage Accounts and deletes the user experiencing this error.
  3. The user then navigates to
  4. Choose Hi, Guest | Your Account > Sign in under CS Professional Suite.
  5. On the CS Professional Suite account sign in screen, choose Need an account? Click here.
  6. Have the user enter the Firm ID and Zip code and click the Continue button.
  7. The next screen will display a list of names, mark the My name does not show up in the list box and complete the information fields to create the account.
02/08/17 Fixed Assets 16.1.3 Fixed 05/02/17 16.1.6 Mid Quarter Application Incorrectly displaying on Federal Asset Report
The Half Year convention is correctly reported on the Form 4562 but the Federal Asset Report may display this as Mid Quarter instead. There is not an anticipated date for this this change.
02/08/17 Fixed Assets 16.1.3 Notice 05/02/17 Notice Asset transfers are reported in the Cost Beginning column on several reports
Using the transfer utility in the asset you can transfer assets between Locations. However, the transferred assets are showing in the Cost Beginning column for both Locations on the Book Location Summary Report. We will look into changing it so that it shows up in the Acquisition column instead of the beginning column in the future. There is not an anticipated date for this change.
01/27/17 Platform N/A Notice 05/02/17 Notice NetClient phishing email
If a user reports that they or their client(s) received a suspicious email about NetClient, refer the user to Protecting your firm and clients against phishing scams and instruct them to report this to the IRS. See the “Help Catch the Culprits – Report Phishing Attempts” section at the bottom of the HHTC topic for instructions on how to report.

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