Configuring Fixed Assets CS to send documents to GoFileRoom

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If you are licensed for GoFileRoom, complete these steps to define the criteria for storing reports and forms printed from Fixed Assets CS to GoFileRoom. This includes specifying the GoFileRoom drawer used to store different types of Fixed Assets CS documents and the GoFileRoom indexes that are mapped to various Fixed Assets CS properties.

Note: The GoFileRoom configuration options specified in the steps below are firm-wide and apply to all users.

  1. Choose Setup > System Configuration and click the GoFileRoom tab.
  2. Click the GoFileRoom Options button.
  3. In the GoFileRoom - Login dialog, enter your GoFileRoom user name and password in the fields provided. If desired, mark the Remember username checkbox to have Fixed Assets CS store your user name in this dialog.
  4. Click the Login button. Fixed Assets CS retrieves information from your GoFileRoom account and opens the Fixed Assets CS/GoFileRoom Configuration dialog.
  5. Choose the drawer to which you want to print Fixed Assets CS documents from the GoFileRoom drawer drop-down list.
  6. Use the fields in the Index mapping pane to do one of the following tasks.
    • Use the Fixed Asset CS Property column to associate properties such as client name, client ID, or return entity type with a specific GoFileRoom index in each row.
    • Enter your own description in the Custom Static Text column for the GoFileRoom index in each row. This text is mapped to that GoFileRoom index for all documents, instead of a Fixed Assets CS property that is specific to each document (such as client name or client number).
  7. If you selected [Map Each Return Type] in the Fixed Assets CS Property column for a GoFileRoom index row, use the Return type mapping pan to specify which GoFileRoom category you want to use for each type of Fixed Assets CS return. To do so, select the appropriate categories from the Return type mapping columns.
  8. To have Fixed Assets CS automatically open a dialog to confirm these settings when you print documents to GoFileRoom, mark the Prompt to view/verify return indexes when printing to GoFileRoom checkbox.
  9. Click OK to close the Fixed Assets CS/GoFileRoom Configuration dialog.

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