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GoFileRoom allows you to assign permissions to a new group, or modify the permissions of an existing group. These permissions determine the types of actions group members can perform on documents stored in GoFileRoom.

Permissions Details
Read Allows the user to retrieve and view documents from a drawer.
Add Allows the user to add documents to a drawer and GoFileRoom notes to documents.
Edit Allows the user to modify indexes and edit Microsoft Word and Excel documents.
Delete Allows the user to delete documents from a drawer.
Lookup Mgmt. Allows the user to add, modify, or remove lookup list entries.
Deny Clears all marked privilege checkboxes and denies access for this group.


  • Any user with Read rights can use Adobe Acrobat Annotations on PDF documents stored in GoFileRoom and email documents as a link or attachment. However, users require Add rights to save GoFileRoom notes.
  • Scanning documents into a drawer requires the user to have Add rights to that specific drawer. Groups do not require Read rights, if it desired that the group only have Add rights.

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