Creating or configuring custom information fields

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You can create and configure custom data fields that will be part of the Information tab in a FirmFlow folder.

To access the Information Fields tab, Choose Administration > Manage FirmFlow from the GoFileRoom toolbar, select a drawer from the Drawers field, and then click the Information Fields tab.

  1. Click the Add button to create a new custom field.
  2. In the level column, specify if this will be a Folder- or Workflow-level field.
    • Folder-level fields will have the same values for all workflows within the FirmFlow folder.
    • Workflow-level fields will hold a value for the workflow they belong to. Different workflows within the folders may have different values for the same field.
  3. In the Caption column, enter a caption (name) for your custom field.
  4. Select the type of custom field:
    • Text: Allows non-standard and unformatted text.
    • Date: Includes a calendar control for easy date selection.
    • Drop Down: A custom drop-down list. You can add any custom values in this list.

      If you choose this option, add custom values to the list by clicking the list button that appears when the row is selected in the Information Fields tab.

    • User Drop Down list: A drop-down list that contains the list of all FirmFlow users in the firm.
  5. Specify the width and length of the new field.
    • Width: The width in pixels of the field. This controls how wide the custom field will appear inside the FirmFlow folder.
    • Length: The maximum character length of the custom field.
  6. To retain the custom field information for existing folders and workflows while disabling (hiding) the selected field for new folders, mark the Disable checkbox.

    Note: If existing workflows do not have data in the disabled custom fields, they will be hidden. Existing folders with custom data in disabled fields will be accessible in read-only mode and may not be changed by users.

  7. Click Save.

Note: You can delete or disable/hide a custom field on the Information Fields tab by selecting the field and then clicking the Delete button. Make sure the field that you are about to delete is already disabled. Note that by deleting the field, you will delete the field's data for all existing folders.

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