Generating barcodes for FirmFlow documents

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You will need to generate barcodes for all paper documents before they are sent to the scanning operation. Barcodes can be generated directly, by choosing Barcodes from the Options menu, or they can be generated using the Add To page by choosing Add from the Options menu.

To generate a barcode:

  1. From the My Work screen, click a workflow and then click the Documents tab.
  2. Click Options and choose Barcodes.
  3. In the FirmFlow - Barcodes screen, change the Year and Period End values if desired. By default, these values will match the workflow.
  4. Mark the checkboxes for the document types to be scanned.
  5. Enter a description for each document in its Description field.
  6. To set a date for a document, enter a date (or click the calendar button) in the Date field.
  7. After you have entered all the data that will identify the document(s), click Generate to generate barcode(s) for the document(s).
  8. Click OK to return to the FirmFlow - Barcodes screen.

    The counter changes to display a number greater than zero.

You can return to the FirmFlow - Barcodes screen at any time to print the generated barcodes.

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